The worlds first modular touch wall lighting

Helios Touch is a modular, touch sensitive wall light. Create any design using the hexagonal magnetic tiles.

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Connect the tiles together using the magnetic edges to create your own design.

British Design.

Helios Touch is designed and manufactured in Great Britain. We are the original  modular touch lighting, that started as a product design project at the University of Brighton in 2015, Helios Touch went onto to be successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter in 2016.

Mounting the tiles

The hexagon modules can be attached to the wall by either using the sticky pads provided in the starter pack or using the holes on the back of each module to hook onto nails. (check instructions for more information)


Fake product warning

We have discovered some fake website claiming to sell our products or rebranding our artwork as their own. We do not manufacture for anyone else, and would advise against purchasing from them.

Example brand names:

Hex Walls, Quantum Lamps, Canva Design, Exo Touch, Helios Touch Pro