Helios Touch

10 Tiles only - Helios Touch Expansion pack

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Designed in Great Britain


Helios touch is a modular, touch sensitive wall light. Create any structure to suit your needs using the hexagonal magnetic tiles then simply turn on and off by touching.  
Expansion pack - 10 Tiles
Helios touch expansion pack is an add on product to the starter pack. Add an extra 10 tiles with this pack.


-10 tile modules (no power supply)


*Each power supply can operate 65 light tiles. 
    How it works...

    Choose your desired location. Ensure close enough distance to an outlet. 

     Connect the power supply to the rear of a single hexagon.  

    Anchor the first hexagon to the wall by using the nail holes on the back. (template included)

    ...Or use the sticky tabs. (The more you stick down the more secure the structure!)

    Slide each hexagon together. (Hint: the hexagon may need rotating to fit correctly.)

    Touch to illuminate. The more of your hand the better the sensitivity.

    No need to press so hard. The hexagons detect the distance of your body. 

    Create your desired structure and start swiping. Tag us in your designs @heliostouch

    Light temperature: 3500k (warm white)
    Tile width: 110mm
    Power: 120/220v 50/60hz
    Maximum tiles per power adaptor: 65
    Plug types included: USA, UK, Australia, EU
    On/Off: Capacitive touch. 
    Wall attachment: Sticky pads or nails
    Lighting technology: LED 
    Wall mounting
    To mount the Helios Touch panels on the wall we suggest using our reusable gel pads on the back of the modules. The Helios Touch Starter Pack comes with 10 gel pads in the pack. You can also purchase extra sticky pads for larger installations. 
    *We recommended that you have at least 70% (2/3) of your tiles mounted onto the surface. 
    Alternatively, the modules can also be attached and hooked onto a surface via the nail holes on the back.